Children’s Wears and Intelligent Toys Are Most Popular in China’s Online Maternal & Kid Shopping Market in 2016

Nowadays, parents do not only love to buy clothes for themselves but also like to buy clothes for their kids. In the maternal & kids online shopping market full of fierce competition, children’s wears and intelligent toys become best-sellers despite of the existence of standard goods like milk powder and baby diapers which traditionally enjoyed large user base. Children’s wears held a market share of 60.7%, much higher than that of other goods.



As consumables, diapers and milk powder, especially diapers actually, are frequently purchased by parents on online maternal & kids shopping websites. Meanwhile, children’s wears are also bought frequently on those platforms.



With the improvement of quality of the life in China, food safety becomes increasingly important for consumers. Milk powder, feeding bottles and pacifiers, as goods that will enter baby’s mouth, have more customers who are willing to pay a high price for those products, and milk powder is sold at a significant high price compared with other goods. Diapers enjoy a high purchase frequency as well as a high price among customers. However, goods with friendly prices are still the main stream in the market, and most maternal &kids goods, except milk powder, are priced at 100-300 Yuan.



Source: iResearch

Date: 2017-01-04