Some Online Shopping Market Segments Experienced High Growth in 2019

In 2016, cross-border import retailing, fresh food e-commerce and e-commerce services provider grew much faster than the whole online shopping market in China. The hot fields like cross-border e-commerce and fresh food e-commerce led the development of online shopping market, and the booming up of e-commerce services offered traditional brands great support for online retailing.

For the policy on import retailing loosed in H2 2014 in China, a great number of domestic e-commerce companies and start-ups flooded into import retailing e-commerce market. In 2015, the GMV of cross-border import retailing reached 118.43 billion Yuan with a growth of 111.9% and a penetration rate of 13.2% in import e-commerce market. However, the policy was again tightened in 2016, and the growth declined to 86%. In the future, the import retailing e-commerce market is expected to keep a steady growth thanks to the stable market demands.



China fresh food e-commerce developed rapidly with an annual growth rate higher than 80% in recent years, while its penetration rate in farm products was only 3.4%, indicating that it still had great potential in the field. iResearch forecasted that GMV of China’s fresh food e-commerce market will top 200 billion Yuan with a penetration rate of 7% in farm products by 2018.



In 2016, the GMV of China’s brand e-commerce service providers exceeded 40 billion Yuan with a growth of 66%. As more and more traditional brands, especially foreign brands started their business on Chinese e-commerce platforms, China’s brand e-commerce service providers market will maintain its growth that is higher than the growth of the whole online shopping, and its GMV is estimated to surpass one trillion Yuan in 2018.



Source: iResearch

Date: 2017-02-27